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In the world of reporting engines for web traffic, there is nothing else like it.

Whether you're trying to sort out individual HR issues involving unauthorized Web usage or streamlining how traffic is flowing through departments or aggregating literally any of the myriad reporting data generated by your firewall, Pervidio is the answer.

Most business managers and IT staff have little insight into how the Internet is being used or why things might not be working as well as they should. With sites like Facebook or YouTube, more and more network traffic is made up of non-business activity. In some cases, it may be legitimate data such as backups, file shares, intranet, etc.  But without the ability to identify and measure that information, it’s usually only a guess. 

The first step to implementing a strategy to manage content and bandwidth is to identify what type of traffic is passing over the network. Whether it is traffic to and from the Internet or over a VPN network, being able to determine how applications and people are utilizing bandwidth is essential to taking the next step which is control.

Pervidio is the most comprehensive on-line reporting system available anywhere in the world for SonicWALL firewall solutions. It’s fast, easy and takes away the worry and effort associated with managing a server based reporting solution. It costs only a few dollars a month per firewall and there is no server or software to buy or maintain.

With Pervidio, you can create reports that show Web, bandwidth, content and application usage as well as many other metrics. In addition, you can create your own custom report by choosing how to sort and which records to select. Once you have created a report that meets your needs, you can save it, schedule it to recur at any interval and you can export the results automatically to spreadsheet or PDF formats. For scheduled reports, you can manage your own distribution list so each defined report can be emailed directly to the intended person.

Best of all, Pervidio requires no installation fee and no long-term contract. 

To sign up, contact Pervidio sales at 877.616.9384.