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No where is data security more vital or network management more mission critical.

By their very nature, banks and credit unions have a need for security. They process electronic transactions not only within the bank, but they transmit information to other branches and outside organizations such as the Federal Reserve. Safeguarding that information is only logical.
However, in 1999 Congress passed the Financial Modernization Act, also known as the "Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act" or GLBA. This set of rules mandated requirements for data security. Failure to comply can result in penalties up to and including suspension of access to the Federal Reserve System.

Most community banks and credit unions operate on a tight budget, often without dedicated IT staff. And even for those with technical staff, security is rarely their primary skill.  In most cases, the requirements of GLBA make it nearly impossible to be compliant without the assistance of an outside organization.
Cerdant provides a variety of specialty services for the banking industry designed to assist banks and credit unions with their periodic security audit. With dozens of banks and credit unions in several states as customers, we have the experience and knowledge to help meet GLBA compliance requirements.
Cerdant products and services for the banking market include:
    •    Secure Firewall Configuration and Deployment
    •    Intrusion Prevention and Detection
    •    Change management and logging
    •    Incident reporting