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Proofpoint Email Protection

Why We Chose Proofpoint


There are numerous choices when selecting an email security solution.  At Cerdant, we tested various solutions in search of the best of breed.  We found that Proofpoint provides the most effective and comprehensive suite of features available anywhere. In fact, year after year, Proofpoint is consistently rated at the top of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for email security and we agree with their assessment.


Proofpoint Essentials helps you secure and control inbound and outbound email through an easy to-use cloud-based solution. With email protection, you can protect your people, data, and brand from today’s threats and common nuisances such as:

  • • Impostor email
  • • Phishing
  • • Malware
  • • Spam
  • • Bulk mail


Over 90% of targeted threats start as an email, so protecting the leading threat vector has never been more important. Malware, spam and phishing messages are becoming more targeted and therefore harder to detect using traditional methods. Thwarting those attacks requires technology that can evolve at the pace of the malware in order to keep organizations secure. Rapidly evolving attack techniques utilize both URLs and malicious attachments, and organizations that want to remain secure need coverage across all potential threats. This has become a baseline requirement for a modern email security solution.